HIST 2020/ENGLIT 2009: Digital/Critical Interdisciplinary Methods Seminar

This collaboratively taught seminar exposes students to interdisciplinary and evolving methods for discovery and knowledge construction in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, it focuses on how information flows in and out of sociotechnical systems, the ways that researchers access, arrange, organize and describe information for use in their disciplinary context and how that shapes critical inquiry. Read more >


Digital/Critical Interdisciplinary Methods Workbook

Sawyer Seminar graduate fellow S.E. Hackney is coordinating the development of a set of online sources, data sets, and methodological exercises to enable non-specialist students to undertake hands-on practice with the different methods studied in the seminar. Read more >

Podcast Interviews with Invited Speakers

The team of graduate student participants in the year-long Information Ecosystems Sawyer Seminar will interview our invited speakers on their current research, insights, and thoughts on needed interdisciplinary developments. Read more >